The Investment Opportunities and Growth in Black and Brown Founders

Investment in Black & Brown Founders

Investment in Black & Brown Founders

TEN X Lab has curated an ecosystem of expert multicultural partners to support its portfolio companies through each stage of growth. From IP/Patents & trademarks to financial strategies, web design, social media & marketing - TEN X Lab provides its founders with mentorship, business development training, and investment dollars.

The Pandemic has Demonstrated Immense Black Entrepreneurship and Innovation

A Resurgence of Black Entrepreneurship & Innovation

A Resurgence of Black Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Sometimes by stepping outside of our comfort zone we find solutions to the challenges before us. In this sense, the pandemic has been a catalyst because it has pushed talented founders to create new tools to compete in a changing world. It's no longer about being an early adopter of technology - it's about building & owning the technologies that drive wealth.

The Accelerating Rate of Change is Now

The Accelerating Rate of Change Is Now

The Accelerating Rate of Change Is Now

Technology is changing the world faster than ever before and we are now starting to feel the effects of automation in our daily lives. This phenomenon adds stress to entrepreneurs -who may not know the extent of technological change that is on the horizon. At TEN X Lab, we ensure that founders understand where innovation is taking their specific industry so they can incorporate new technologies to help them grow and scale.

Why A Venture Studio?

TEN X Lab is the venture studio and investor of choice for new majority entrepreneurs to create and accelerate the growth of their companies. By serving as a venture studio, TEN X Lab is able to co-create emerging, high-quality or original products that are in need of digital transformation. The studio will fuel, grow, and innovate new majority businesses within the digital consumer goods and fintech industries. And in doing so, will increase both the intrinsic and enterprise value of these companies 10x over the next 5 years

Benefits to Founders

the ten x effect



Expert business advisors that become a part of your team from day one


Define an optimal financial model that supports the vision, market approach and funding strategy


Structured to maximize its contribution to the success of a growing company


We build expert management team to fulfill the vision of each portfolio company

Join the TEN X Lab Ecosystem

Fortifying existing Black and New Majority Businesses and growing new ones ten-fold in the next ten years.

Early Stage Founders

Midsized successful Black and new majority businesses who need support in predicting industry trends and adapting with technological tools


Individuals and businesses that are truly committed to seeing Black and new majority businesses succeed outside of trends specifically in funding


Brands, influencers and companies that are openly discussing Black and new majority businesses, their impact on the community and are sharing information with those looking for the next big black business to invest in.

Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams
Founder, CEO
Griselle Colon
Griselle Colon
Paul Hypolite
Paul Hypolite
Co-Founder/Director, External Affairs
Shawna Wright
Shawna Wright, Esq.
Co-Founder/Corporate Governance

Our Team

A dedicated team of creators & founders focused on the Ten X Lab vision and mission to close the wealth gap through technology and business equity

Our Values


Business equity is the best path to building wealth


Innovation can be found in the sea of Black and Brown solopreneurs globally, as well as small and medium sized businesses


The best way to build equity is by co-creating value


Technology allows us to take a global approach to this, and we do